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Many lawyers will list the results in some of their previous cases. Of course, any lawyer can achieve a good result sometimes. As they say, even a broken clock is right twice a day. We, however, find that to list only your most successful cases is misleading.

For that reason, we've listed the results of all of the last 25 cases we've resolved.

We would also like to emphasize that past success does not guarantee future results. Every case is different. Just as with medicine - the same drug can work for one person, but not for another. Likewise, a stock investor who was successful in the past may not be successful in the future. Please do not rely on our past results as a guarantee or promise in your case. Each matter is very different and strongly depends on the case, the county, prosecutor, judge, jury, witnesses, defendant, and many other factors. Even the best lawyers are sometimes incapable of achieving desired results. If you would like to speak with a criminal defense lawyer, please call (646) 350-0601.

  • Attempted Murder and Gang Assault - dismissed;
  • Attempted Murder and Gang Assault - reduced to a misdemeanor with time served;
  • Robbery (C felony, 2 prior felonies) - criminal charges dropped. Reduced to a non-criminal infraction;
  • Fraud (D felony, 1 prior conviction) - dismissed on procedural grounds;
  • Harassment (Misdemeanor A), 4 clients in separate matters - criminal charges dismissed for all defendants;
  • DWI (Misdemeanor A, 2 prior convictions) - dismissed on procedural grounds;
  • DWI (Misdemeanor A) - criminal charges dropped. 90 days suspension, $300 fine;
  • DWI (Misdemeanor A) - criminal charges dropped. 90 days suspension, $300 fine;
  • DWI (Misdemeanor A) - criminal charges dropped. 180 days suspension, $500 fine;
  • Robbery and possession of a knife (2 prior felonies) - robbery charges dropped;
  • Driving with suspended license (Misdemeanor), 2 clients in separate matters - both had criminal charges dismissed;
  • Two separate armed robberies (B felony and C felony, 1 prior conviction, written confession by the defendant) - reduced to a D felony and 105 days in jail;
  • Attempted murder in the middle of a busy street (1 prior for attempted murder conviction) - reduced to attempted assault;
  • Grand Larceny (D felony) - reduced to a misdemeanor, no jail;
  • Marijuana possession (Misdemeanor A), 5 different clients in separate matters - all criminal charges dismissed for all defendants;
  • Petit Larceny (Misdemeanor A) - criminal charges dropped. Case dismissed and sealed if the defendant stays out of trouble for 6 months;
  • Assault, 3 degree (Misdemeanor A), 2 clients separate matters - criminal charges dropped in both cases (ACD for one, anger management for the other).

Once again, please remember that past results does not guarantee future success. However, we will work hard to defend your rights, and to protect your liberty and record.

For a free consultation with a criminal defense lawyer, please call (212) 748-9243.

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