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New York IRS Tax Fraud Defense Lawyers

New York IRS audit Lawyer, New York IRS audit Lawyer, New York IRS audit Lawyers, New York IRS audit & IRS audit LawyerDon't let the IRS bully you during an audit! Don't give up your money, pay fines and expose yourself to criminal prosecution! We can defend you during an IRS audit.

Your defense team will include attorneys and a CPA who previously worked as an IRS tax auditor.

Don't give up because you are afraid. Let us defend you.

Why is the IRS auditing my taxes?

  • About 80% of IRS audits were tagged by the IRS Computer which has a model for ranking taxpayer risk.

  • Your claimed expenses appear too high for your income.

  • Your occupation is judged to be at a higher risk of malfeasance by the IRS.

  • Previous IRS Problems and prior lost disputes with the IRS.

  • Random IRS Selection.

What can happen as a result of an IRS audit?

  • You may have to pay additional taxes, fines and interest.

  • You may be subjected to criminal prosecution.

  • The IRS audit may begin investigation of other issues related to taxes and deductions.

  • The IRS auditor may investigate other years' tax filings.

  • You may not have to pay anything and may even get a refund from the IRS.

Why Choose Storobin & Spodek for audit defense?

  1. You will be defended by a team of attorneys and former IRS auditors.

  2. We will prepare you for the audit.

  3. We will seek to limit the chances of expanding the audit to other years and issues.

  4. You may expose yourself to criminal prosecution by saying something that may be seen as unfavorable to you.

  5. Your IRS tax audit attorney will be David Storobin, who was interviewed on TV and radio. Forbes and Investor's Business Daily called him a "global legal expert" .

  6. Supreme Court (Criminal) Justice Joseph Silverman declared that David Storobin, Esq. is "an asset to the legal profession" who's "very hardworking, mature and dedicated" and "diligent and concerned about the quality of his work" . (See testimonials .)

  7. Pay a flat fee you can afford. Credit cards, paypal, cash and checks are accepted.

IRS Tax Audit Defense Fees

New York IRS audit Lawyer, New York IRS tax audit Lawyer, New York IRS tax audit Attorney, New York tax fraud Law Firm
  • Initial Consultation: Free for potential clients
  • Attorneys' fee: $1,999
  • Accountant's fee (optional): add $999


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