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David Storobin, Esq. is the attorney at the Storobin Law Firm PLLC. He is admitted to practice law in New York State, and Federal Courts in Eastern District of N.Y. and Southern District of N.Y., and appears in court on nearly daily basis. He has been quoted in books and newspapers, and interviewed on TV and radio.

  • David Storobin is "a global legal expert".
    - Investor's Business Daily Editorial Board.

  • David Storobin is "an asset to the legal profession" who's "diligent and concerned about the quality of his work".
    - New York Supreme Court Justice Joseph Silverman.

  • "David is an excellent no-nonsense attorney who gets results."
    - Steven Brodsky, Esq.

  • "Having collaborated with David on a winning argument, I can attest to the fact that David is brilliant, articulate, and most importantly gets the job done!"
    - Esther Budanitsky.

  • "David and I worked together defending a major criminal prosecution in the EDNY. He was the hardest working member of the team, and his infectious work ethic spurred the rest of us to push ourselves as hard as we could in defense of our mutual client."
    - Terrence Johnson, Esq.

  • "David was so well versed and so knowledgeable, I came away from the interview feeling very honored that he was a guest on the program."
    - Shaun O'Mac, radio talk show host.

  • "Dear David, please accept my deepest gratitude for your assistance in my recent case with the criminal court in Staten Island. I was wrongly arrested, but my previous attorney only made things worse. Your assistance, insight and perseverance, arguing on my behalf in court and submitting motions to the judge, eventually, convinced the supervisor of prosecutors that I was innocent and deserving of a complete dismissal and record seal."
    - Ronald B. (Staten Island Criminal Court client).

  • "One of the most creative and hardworking people I know and an excellent attorney."
    - Shah Peerally, Esq.

  • "Hard-working, conscientious and knowledgeable attorney. Always performs expertly and with the highest level of professionalism."
    - Francesca Stamatin, Esq.

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