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DWI New YorkThe Storobin Law Firm is a premier New York DWI defense law firm led by David Storobin, a former New York State Senator and a recognized legal expert. Our attorneys David Storobin, Marion Conte and Ezra Glaser resolved hundreds of DWI cases, and have the legal knowledge and the tenacity to achieve a fair result for you.

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New York DWI Information

An arrest for drunk driving is treated very seriously by the District Attorneys in New York State. If you are arrested for driving with a blood alcohol content above 0.08, you will be charged with a crime. A first offense will normally be a misdemeanor, carrying up to a year in jail, though most sentences are significantly less than that or no jail at all. However, in some cases, including repeat offenses and/or accidents resulting in death or significant injuries, the arrest may result in felony charges, carrying potentially several years in a state prison. If you are convicted of DWI or DWAI, your drivers license will be suspended for at least 6 months for a DWI conviction and at least 3 months for a non-criminal DWAI conviction. To get your license back, you will need to participate in the Drunk Driving Program (“DDP”). The DDP consists of seven sessions, 2-3 hours each, totaling 15-16 hours.

Participating in the program, may also make the Defendant is eligible for a conditional license while his/her driver's license is suspended, presuming other requirements are fulfilled (conditional licenses are given when needed for work or other necessities).The conditional license allows one to do the following:

  • Travel to and from work and school (their own or to pick up a child)
  • If you drive for a living, then the ability to drive during your work hours
  • Travel to and from probation activities
  • Travel to and from the DMV
  • Travel to and from Medical Appointments with a medical doctor's note

The defendant's Order of Suspension or Revocation from the Department of Motor Vehicles will indicate where you can enroll in the DDP. On your first day, you will need to bring an acceptable form of ID with your signature, and $75 to cover the program fee. After enrollment, an additional fee of up to $225 will be required. If it is determined that you have a problem that needs further treatment, there will be additional costs. There can be many reasons for the referral:

  • Defendant's a written self-inventory.
  • Multiple alcohol or drug-related driving convictions within 10 years.
  • Additional DWI or DWAI arrests while enrolled in the DDP.
  • Coming to class under influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • A voluntary request by the defendant.

Getting your license back

Once you graduate from the Drunk Driving Program, a Notice of Completion will be issued to both the defendant and the DMV. If the defendant's driver's license is suspended, he/she must, after completing the DDP, go to the DMV and pay a $50 suspension termination fee (if the license was suspended due to a violation of the “Zero Tolerance Law,” the defendant must pay a $100 suspension termination fee and a $125 civil penalty), and pay the license fees.

If the driver's license is revoked, the defendant, upon completing the DDP, must bring your DDP “Notice of Completion” (MV-2026) and conditional license to the state or county motor vehicle office that issued the license; meet all DMV requirements and criteria for re-licensing; and, pay any required license fees such as for license renewal, or for any required skills tests for Commercial Driver Licenses.

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New York DWI Penalties

First DWI -1 $500-$1K 1 yr 6 mo+

Second DWI -1
$1K-$5K 4 yrs 1 yr+

Third DWI -1
$2K-$10K 7 yrs 1 yr+

First DWAI -2
$300-$500 15 days 90 days

Second DWAI -2
$500-$750 30 days 6 mo+

Zero Tolerance
$125+$100 None 6 mo

Second Zero Tolerance
$125+$100 None 1 yr 3

Chemical Test Refusal
$300-$350 None 6 mo+

Test Refusal Within 5 Years of
DWI-related charge
$750 None 1 yr+

Chemical Test Refusal
$300+$50 None 1 yr+

Second Chemical Refusal
$750+$50 None 1 yr+

Driving Under the Influence - Out-of-State
N/A N/A 90 days. -3

Driving Under the Influence -
Out-of-State with previous alcohol-drug violation
N/A N/A 90 days. -3

This guide cannot be used as legal advice. The information may not be accurate. We strongly recommend you retain the services of a competent New York DWI lawyer before making a decision.

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