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The following information is provided by Storobin & Spodek Law Firm to help you learn about:

  • Manhattan Central Booking and Criminal Court;
  • Queens Central Booking and Criminal Court;
  • Brooklyn Central Booking and Criminal Court;
  • Bronx Central Booking and Criminal Court;
  • Staten Island Central Booking and Criminal Court.
We cannot, however, recommend that you actually contact any of these because any contact with law enforcement may result in a damaging statement that may harm you or your loved ones. Always consult a New York Criminal Attorney.

To hire a private criminal lawyer, call (212) 748-9243. We can only give legal advice to our clients who come to our office.

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100 Centre Street (near Leonard Street & Franklin Street)

100 Centre Street (near Leonard Street & Franklin Street)

4, 5 train to the Brooklyn Bridge Station;
C, N, R, 6 train to Canal Street;
1 train to Franklin Street;
1, 6 or 15 bus line.

Manhattan Central Booking

Manhattan Central Booking: 212-374-3838, 212-374-3916
Find Arrest Number: 646-386-4505, 4511,4512, 646-386-4511, 646-386-4512
D.A. Intake: 212-335-9598 - AR clerk (5pm 646-386-4975)
Arraignments Phone: (646) 386-4545
Arraignment Ready Information: 646-386-4511 (day only)
Arraignments (fax): (212) 374-1846
Bureau Chief's Phone: 646-386-4520
Bureau Chief's Fax: 212-374-5293
Arraignment Clerk in Police Room: 212-374-3126, 212-374-3838, 212 374-3921, 212-374-0262, 212-374-2901
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: 646-386-4511
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: 212-374-5293

Court Parts
AR1 and AR3: 646 386-4545, 646 386-4546
AR2/DAT and AR3A: 646 386-4563, 646 386-4564
Part A: 646-386-4563 Clerk, 646-386-4565 Courtroom
Part B: 646-386-4589, Clerk 646-386-4560
Part C: 646-386-4550
Part D: 646-386-4574, 646-386-5781 fax
SA Clerk: 646-386-4574
DVC: 646-386-4574, 646 386-457
SA: 646-386-4567, 3589 fax
ASC: 646-386-4540
F: 646-386-4559, 646-386-4553, 646 385-4014. 646-386-5783 fax


314 W. 54 Street
646-264-1300 phone


Criminal Court (Felonies pre-Indictment and Misdemeanors): 120 Schermerhorn Street (near Livingston St. & Smith St.)

N, R or M train to the Lawrence Street Station;
G train to the Hoyt Street & Schermerhorn Street Station;
A, F or C train to the Jay Street Station; the 2, 3, 4 or 5 train to the Borough Hall Station.
B67, B41 or B45 bus line to Livingston Street & Smith Street;
B63 or B65 bus line to Atlantic Avenue & Smith Street.

Supreme Court-Criminal Term (post-Indictment Felonies): 320 Jay Street
M, N, R to Court Street;
2, 3, 4, 5 to Boro Hall;
A, C, F to Jay St./Boro Hall

Brooklyn Central Booking

Brooklyn Central Booking: 718-935-9210, 718-875-6586
Intake: 718-250-3500, 4823 718-875-6303
Arraignments Phone: (347) 404-9450
Arraignments Fax: 718-643-3303


88-94 Visitation Place
General Info: 718-923-8200
Fax: 718-923-8269


215 East 161st Street (near Sherman & Sheridan Avenues)
C, D or 4 train to the Yankee Stadium/161st Street Station.
BX 6 or BX 13 to East 161st Street & Sheridan Avenue; the BX 1 to East 161st Street & Grand Concourse.

Bronx Central Booking

Bronx Central Booking: 718-643-5678, 718-643-5675
Arraignments Phone: 718-590-2886, 2887, 2888
Arraignments Fax: 718-537-5165
Arraignment Coordinator: 718-590-2924
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: 718-590-2858
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: 718-590-2857

Court Parts
AR-1: 718-590-2886
AR-2: 718- 590-2842
AR-3: 718-590-2890/1
AR-4: 718-590-2890/1
SAP: 718-590-2884
SAP2: 718-590-2840/1


125-01 Queens Blvd. (Hoover Avenue & 82nd Avenue)

E or F train to the Union Turnpike Station.
Buses: Q60, Q37, Q74 and Q46

Queens Central Booking

Queens Central Booking: 718-268-4523
Intake: 718-286-6874
Arraignments Phone: 718-298-0736
Arraignments Fax: 718-520-6975, 7251
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: 718-298-0792
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: 718-520-4712

For more information, visit our Queens Criminal Court web page.

67 Targee Street (between Frean & Purroy Streets)

S74 bus to Broad Street & Gordon Street;
S78 bus to Broad Street & Thompkins Avenue

Arraignments Phone: 718-390-8400
Arraignments Fax: 718-390-8405
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) phone: (718) 390-8409
Desk Appearance Tickets (DATs) fax: (718) 390-8405

Staten Island Central Booking

Staten Island Central Booking: (718) 390-8400

New York Central Booking Attorneys

1. Our criminal Defense lawyers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist your loved ones who are held in any New York central booking.

2. As soon as we are retained, our criminal defense attorneys will file the Notice of Appearance with the Criminal Court and notify the police precinct where the arrested person is held. This will prevent anyone from discussing the case with the defendant without us being there.

3. Our lawyers will track the case from the moment we are retained. We will stay in communication with Central Booking, Criminal Court and the police precinct.

4. Our criminal attorney will walk the family members through the arrest to the arraignment process and answer any questions.

5. A criminal lawyer will review the defendant's criminal history and present charges with the defendant in Central Booking before he appears in front of the judge for an arraignment.

6. Our criminal defense attorney will tailor our bail argument to the defendant's background, needs and abilities.

7. Storobin & Spodek lawyers are in Central Booking and Criminal Court on daily basis, and are familiar with the Judges who preside over the arraignment courtrooms. This allows us to tailor our bail applications to fit the particular Judges style.

8. Our law firm will speak with the District Attorney (prosecutor) before the arraignment, and attempt to get them agree to the defendants being ROR'D (Released on his or her own recognizance.) This means that the Defendant will not have to post any bail before they released. When this is not possible, we will attempt to negotiate a bail that the defendant can afford. If the prosecutor does not agree, we will appear in front of the judge and fight for affordable bail at arraignment in Criminal Court.

9. If bail is going to be set, we can determine the likely range of the money the family should be prepared for. This is important because if the bail can't be set without a short time of seeing the judge, the defendant will be taken to Rikers Island.

10. When necessary, we will arrange to have a bail bondsman present, so that any bail can be posted in the Criminal Court immedately during the arraignment.

This guide is published by the New York State criminal defense attorneys at Storobin & Spodek LLP in order to help viewers learn about cases in New York criminal court. It is not intended to be legal advice, merely a way to help you understand your needs as your case moves along in New York Criminal courts. All the information, including the law, procedure and penal code is believed to be accurate, but can't be guaranteed due to possible changes and errors. The guide is for information and entertainment purposes only with the express expectation and agreement by the readers that it will not be acted upon in any way. No attorney-client relationship exists or can exist based on the offering of the information in this guide. We strongly suggest you retain the services of a competent New York criminal defense lawyer to defend your rights.

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