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New York Bankruptcy Attorneys: Chapter 7

Brooklyn Chapter 7Changes to the U.S. bankruptcy law made in recent years mean that it is now much more difficult, complicated and time-consuming to declare bankruptcy. However, it is still possible and we can give you a free case review to determine if you will likely be successful if you file for bankruptcy, as well as what type of bankruptcy you may be eligible to declare.

Chapter 7 is the type of bankruptcy most commmonly desired by debtors because it does not require repayment. However, there are many requirements for this type of bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer must review your current assets, income, debt and other factors before deciding whether you have a reasonable chance to have your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition approved.

Your petition will have to go in front of the U.S. Trustee and as per recent laws, they have become much more aggressive in denying Chapter 7 bankruptcy. But the right bankruptcy lawyer can make a tremendous difference for you and can mean the difference between approval and denial. Additionally, if you are not eligible, it's best to know before paying a bankruptcy attorney to file a petition, wasting both time and money.

At Storobin & Spodek LLP our services go beyond other law firms. For only $1,799, we will not only prepare your petition, as all firms do, but we'll provide representation by a team of attorneys and a CPA accountant who will guide you from the beginning to the end. The right bankruptcy attorney may mean having your debt discharged without having to repay it and being stuck with a repayment plan for your debt.

Government requirements to obtain a Chapter 7 bankruptcy are:

  1. You must obtain what is called a Special Edition Credit Report of your obligations
  2. All your transfers to collection agencies
  3. Third-party assignees to whom you sent any money
  4. Any legal or court judgments have been obtained against you
  5. A copy of your Tax Transcripts
  6. Your Pre-Filing Credit Class
  7. Financial Means Test that determines your ability to pay off your debt, either in full or part of a payment plan
  8. Bankruptcy court petition
  9. Payment of bankruptcy court filing fees;
  10. Representation at bankruptcy court and U.S. Trustee hearings (also known as the Meeting of Creditors or the 341 hearing)
  11. Your Post-Filing Credit Class.

Why should you retain Storobin & Spodek LLP?

  1. Get representation by a team of both a bankruptcy attorney and an accountant who will guide you through all steps, maximizing your chances of getting your Chapter 7 bankruptcy petition approved.

  2. We offer a flat fee you can afford.

  3. We offer affordable payment plans starting at only $200 down.

  4. While nobody can guarantee results, we will tell you before you pay anything whether you are likely or not to have your petition approved, which can potentially save you both time and money.

  5. Get the attention you deserve, and don't be ignored by your bankruptcy lawyer who shifts you off to his secretary.

  6. All documents are prepared by your bankruptcy attorney, not his assistant.

  7. Your lawyer will be someone who focuses on bankruptcy and will be able and willing to fight for you during the "341 hearing" with creditors.
  8. Supreme Court Justice Joseph Silverman declared that David Storobin is "an asset to the legal profession." (See testimonials).

  9. Our attorneys regularly appear in the news media as legal experts. Forbes and the Investor's Business Daily referred to him as a "global legal expert".

The right Bankruptcy Lawyer can make all the difference. Get the right New York Bankruptcy Law Firm - Storobin & Spodek LLP.

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